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Sphinges vs Pharoahs: 1-3

Last night was another game in which we won by forfeit (the other team didn’t have enough players). We wound up playing 4 on 4, with 2 players on the bench, and it was a lot of fun. This was … Continue reading

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Hockey photos

Jason took some great photos, as always, at last week’s Ice Oasis games. Because I am vain and this is the internet, here are the ones of me. 😉 In the first game, I subbed for the Desert Rats (yellow) … Continue reading

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Larger footpegs for Peter’s XT

Tonight, I did the first modification in operation Make XT Fit Mutant Tall Person: larger footpegs. Here’s the write-up, though, seriously, easiest mod ever. Just remove the old pegs and put on the new ones. I think they look nice; … Continue reading

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Wake up, James!

If you’ve ever been to Helimot, you know James. He’s been working there as long as I’ve been a customer. He’s a member of the Santa Cruz Vampires motorcycle group, and has been a bouncer at some clubs in the … Continue reading

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Southern Santa Cruz Mountains on the XTs

Peter and I took both XTs out for a fun loop around the southern Santa Cruz mountains yesterday. It was essentially the same route that Jenny and I did in February: about 80 miles of street, gravel, packed dirt, and … Continue reading

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