Larger footpegs for Peter’s XT

Tonight, I did the first modification in operation Make XT Fit Mutant Tall Person: larger footpegs.

Here’s the write-up, though, seriously, easiest mod ever. Just remove the old pegs and put on the new ones.

I think they look nice; I hope Peter likes ’em!

Img_0039 Img_0050

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3 Responses to Larger footpegs for Peter’s XT

  1. Richard says:

    Damn! If you run out of gas can you just pedal it home?

  2. carolyn says:

    Heck, at 238lbs dry, if it runs out of gas, you just sling it over your shoulders and walk home. 😉

  3. Jamie C. says:

    That was my biggest complaint about my old XT550.
    Well, the second… the first was the carb setup. (Screwy one and a half cab setup on a single cylinder bike.)

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