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Impending Reno ride

I’m having the opposite problem as the STN WCRM III — I leave for the Wind Dancers Reno weekend in….counts….33.5 hours….and I’m so excited. It’s looking like another 1000 mile weekend. *happypurr* I’m thinking of heading to the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State … Continue reading

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Lick Observatory with Peter

Yesterday, I showed Peter his “new favorite road”. *preen* We had the whole day to ourselves, so we decided to do a nice motorcycle ride. He’d never been to Lick Observatory on Mt Hamilton, so I said, “go there, we … Continue reading

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Sphinges vs Pharoahs: 7-4

We won our game last night, but not for lack of trying. 😉 We had two superstars on our team that racked up all the points, and I think the rest of us were just sort of supporting cast in … Continue reading

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Wind Dancers End of the Month Putt

Today was the Wind Dancers End of the Month Putt, a monthly ride with a set meeting time/place but no agenda or route — whoever shows up decides where to go. This morning, it was just Diana, Kathleen, and I, … Continue reading

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WCRM: Day 3

So I’m sitting around my house just now, watching Law & Order and drinking beer (i.e. normal night) and thinking, “crap, I’m totally forgetting something”. It finally hits me: Day 3. I mean, I guess you all have assumed by … Continue reading

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