Oh, how I’ve missed commuting.

Hey, did you guys know that I have a motorcycle? No kidding, I really do! I was out in the garage the other day, doing laundry, and was like, “what’s that big blue thing over there?” Turns out I have a Z750S! Who’d a thunk it?

It finally stopped raining long enough for me to commute, and now I’m remembering why driving to work wasn’t really so bad after all. 😉 Today alone I rode with Mr La La La I Drive 55mph In The Carpool Lane and Mr Oh Were You In The Lane I Tried To Merge Into? .

The Z is having strange engine hesitation. I’m choosing not to worry about it until after the Central Coast ride this weekend, since the bike’s been sitting unloved for a month now…things just might need to get moving again.

I’m looking foward to the Central Coast trip now that CalTrans Road Info confirms that Hwy 1 is no longer closed anywhere between here and San Simeon. I wasn’t really exicited about a 50 mile detour through the central valley flatlands.

But open the roads are, and upon those roads I shall be, in a mere 42 hours. Mmmm. It’s looking like a small group this time — Chris and I from the Bay Area, and Jordan, Jim, and n2q and jjones-lg (whose real names I clearly don’t know yet) from Southern California.

Check for photos and a ride report here early next week! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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3 Responses to Oh, how I’ve missed commuting.

  1. Alan R says:

    Have a great ride. I’m expecting to see a lot of green in your photos if it’s been raining for 6 weeks.

  2. Andrew M says:

    ” Strange engine hesitations ” Tentative throttle hand maybe? My Z750 seems to lose enthusiasm around 5500 if I’m being gentle, but there’s no hesitation at all if I open up a little more.

  3. carolyn says:

    Yeah, that could be, re: being too gentle, given the schizophrenic nature of the rush hour traffic around here (anywhere from 80mph to 30mph and everywhere in between).
    Bummer, I guess I’ll just have to open ‘er up along Hwy 1 this afternoon. For research. 😉

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