A Little Twist of Texas

Linda’s book is coming out! *happydance*

“What do you get when you combine a large motorcycle, a small woman, four different states and thousands of miles of empty desert and soaring mountains?
A rollickin’ good tale, that’s what!

In April 2005, Linda Raven Moore set out from Silicon Valley on Beastie, her 1400cc cruiser. Her goal was to reach Fort Worth, Texas…solo.

It didn’t quite work out as planned.

This book is the story of that ride to Texas…with a twist.

Loaded with pictures and written in a chatty, ride-along style, you’re sucked into the adventure from page one. Whether you’re a biker or not, you’ll find out what it’s really like to go it alone on a motorcycle…and what a rider really wears under her jacket.

Tackle 50 m.p.h. winds, visit ancient ruins, meet cowboys and dowsers. Find peace and a growing sense of spirit in the desert. It’s all part of the adventure, of learning to just go with the flow. Refreshingly frank and quietly witty, this remarkable story peeks into aspects of a motorcyclist’s life that are usually skipped over entirely.

This is truly a journey that became a Journey.”


OK, official blurb from Linda aside, this is a really fun book. I proofread an earlier copy for her (which, because she’s a kickass writer, basically meant scribbling “ha!” and “I like this!” in the margins) and thoroughly enjoyed it….though I might be biased because I love the Southwest. 😉

Interest piqued?

Here’s more info, including excerpts…or better yet, pre-order your copy now!

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