Impending hope!

Thursday, Apr 20
San Simeon, CA Weather A good deal of sunshine. Winds from the NW at 13 mph. High: 75° F
Friday, Apr 21
San Simeon, CA Weather Sun and some clouds. Winds from the NW at 13 mph. High: 74° F
Saturday, Apr 22
San Simeon, CA Weather Mostly sunny. Winds from the WNW at 11 mph. High: 75° F

A week from tomorrow, I’ll be riding down to San Simeon for the Central Coast meet.

Words truly cannot describe how much I’m looking foward to:
a) Sun.
b) Riding.
c) Riding in the sun.
d) Sun while riding.

All this fucking rain has been really getting to everyone, plus having injured my shoulder again last month, I’ve been off of weightlifting for three weeks. No exercise plus no motorcycle makes carolyn a very sad poof indeed.

I’ve been quiet on the blog because there’s really only so many times I can say “yeah, still not riding, haven’t even turned on the Z in three weeks” without wanting to throw myself in front of a bus.

But it’s looking like there’s hope, finally. A week from tomorrow, my riding season starts. Better late than never!

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2 Responses to Impending hope!

  1. Becca says:

    woohoo! Here’s hoping the forecast stays nice!

  2. Mike says:

    Hi there blueproof. I have been reading your blog with mush interest for a while now. I am envious of your weather and location ! 75 degrees sounds pretty good to me. Here in Ireland, most bikers have their first day out on St. Patrick’s day – March 17th. No such luck this year. Last week we had frost and even some sleet. Maybe tomorrow… Best wishes for fine weather and a safe run to San Simeon. I visited there (and Alcatraz)in 2003 and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to some photos with the Z.

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