First game!

After a few weeks of practice, last night was Green Team #2’s* first ever game!!

* Yes, we need a real name. Patience.

I was pretty nervous beforehand, but was excited by the time Peter and I arrived at Belmont, especially when I saw that Tony had come by after work to watch. Yay!

My team was playing Kim’s team, so Kim and I had a mock battle pre-game:


In the end, Kim’s battle-fu was stronger, as my team lost, 0-2…though not for lack of trying, as we had 29 shots on goal during the game. šŸ™‚

I wasn’t heartbroken about our loss, though, because I really had a great time. I clearly need to work on receiving passes in specific and puck handling in general, but I felt like my skating abilities were on-par with the team and I had a decent beginner’s sense of positioning.

Here’s us making one of those attempts on goal (I’m the middle green player):


For those interested, here are the rest of the photos.

Next game: Sunday, 4/23, 6pm @ Belmont. Woohoo!

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