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171.5 miles…

…is apparently how many miles the Z gets per tank.

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At least one of us has her act together…

Because I will apparently never get around to writing up last weekend’s ride, I’ll point you at Becca’s writeup: Zee Rocketbunny Write-Up and Photographic Evidence FWIW, my photos are here.

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One of us! One of us!

Steph swung by today to hang out a bit and try out the XT. I’m trying to extend the XT’s reach of global domination by convincing her that everyone on earth, in fact, needs a teensy tiny dualsport. Steph was … Continue reading

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Quick ride up to Alice’s

Peter and I did a quick ride up to Alice’s today — I remain unconvinced that it’s actually February. Bright, sunny, at least 70 degrees out. I’m sure we’ll be slapped with some karmic cold rain later in, but for … Continue reading

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Running lights

Have I mentioned lately how kickass and brilliant my sweetie is? Because he is. I’d been feeling invisible from the side lately…I don’t know if it’s just psychological — the Z has the “low beam is one headlight; high beam … Continue reading

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