171.5 miles…

171.5 miles...

…is apparently how many miles the Z gets per tank.

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  1. Snarfdog says:

    Oh how scarey. Glad it all worked out. Maybe someday I can tag along with you and Andrea (make her ride again). BTW, it’s me, Mom of Andrea’s twins.

  2. carolyn says:

    Wait, hang on…*andrea, don’t read this! OK, go read something else!*
    OK, Susan, is she gone? OK, we need a plan. We could kidnap her! Promise her Korea House and instead toss her onto a bike and make her go have fun! We could get little ninja outfits too. Bwa ha ha.
    Actually, I think I promised like a year ago to get her carburetors running better, so maybe this is all my fault. Hrm.

  3. Tom says:

    deanzaZR in Cupertino here. I have a Z750S too, and mileage is highly variable depending on what your right wrist is doing.
    I recently ran out of gas at the bottom of the hill in Felton, CA. Pushed it across the street to the Texaco or Chevron (can’t remember). I then filled it all the way to the bottom of the cyclindrical ring inside the tank and put in 4.45 gallons. The manual says it should take 4.8 gallons. How much did you put in blue? I know it’s possible to put too much in. How high can I go?
    Glad your story turned out well.

  4. andrea says:

    it’s totally your fault! well, that and it’s rainy season. and oh, is that a leaf on the ground? ack, a cloud in the sky! now it’s too hot. now it’s too cold! =D

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