At least one of us has her act together…

Because I will apparently never get around to writing up last weekend’s ride, I’ll point you at Becca’s writeup:

Zee Rocketbunny Write-Up and Photographic Evidence

FWIW, my photos are here.

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  1. Girl600 says:

    I was just given the link to your page yesterday. Somebod said my page reminded them of yours.
    I lowered my CBR last year too. It has totally changed the way I feel about the bike. At 5’3″ I can stand absolutely flat footed now instead of on my tip toes. The bike looks more aggressive as well. I used lowering links, and yeah, hitting a bump is really felt now, also speed bumps have to be dealt with a super slow speeds. But I wouldn’t change the height for the world. Good to see ya.

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