One of us! One of us!

Steph swung by today to hang out a bit and try out the XT. I’m trying to extend the XT’s reach of global domination by convincing her that everyone on earth, in fact, needs a teensy tiny dualsport.

Steph was very patient with me as I got ready to go, only to realize that I hadn’t yet put the new battery into the bike. Click click, said the XT, refusing to start. I puttered around replacing the battery as Steph made herself comfy and poked fun at me. “I can’t wait until we ride together when we’re old and senile,” I told her, eliciting the expected response of “and how exactly will that be different?”

New battery firmly in place, we headed off….for an entire two blocks to Starbucks. Yeah, well, girls hafta have caffeine!


I filled up the XT at the neighboring Chevron (80mpg, booooya!) and we took off towards Stevens Canyon. At the stop sign intersection of Stevens Canyon and Mt Eden, we parked and swapped bikes. I’d never ridden the Legend before — it was far more cruiser-y than I had ever expected (and no, I don’t mean that in a bad way!). I was mostly surprised by the extreme angle of the handlebars; whereas my SVS bars were at, oh, about 4 and 8 on a clock face — the XT are, of course, a 180-degree 3 and 9 — the Legend’s bars felt closer to 5 and 7. Much more angled than I’d ever expected. I thought it put my hands at a strange angle, but of course, I only rode it a couple of miles, tops.

Anyway, we turned around, swapped bikes back, and headed towards a wide open gravelly parking lot directly across from the main Stevens Creek Reservoir lot. The only traffic was the occasional pickup going into or out of the gun club entrance, and they didn’t seem to mind a couple of chicks tearing up the parking lot on a dual sport. 😉

Oh, it was fun. We just took turns zipping around the lot, hitting mini-jumps and going through puddles.


438_3821jpg 438_3822jpg_1 438_3824jpg_1


438_3825jpg 438_3828jpg 438_3831jpg

Zoooom! With any luck, Steph had fun and I’ll have another girl buddy to hit the dirt with. Mmmmm, XT.

The rest of the photos….

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