Quick ride up to Alice’s

Peter and I did a quick ride up to Alice’s today — I remain unconvinced that it’s actually February. Bright, sunny, at least 70 degrees out. I’m sure we’ll be slapped with some karmic cold rain later in, but for now, I’ll take the early spring!

It occurred to me later that this was Peter’s and my first ride together with the Z! Hopefully it won’t be the last….


Ahh, spring, when young riders’ fancies turn to Alice’s:


There were some seriously un-ugly cars up there too…as I told Peter, I’d consider kicking some of the ratty, older bikes out of the garage to put one of these in! *laughs*


I continue to be twitterpated by the Z. The lowering is perfect — the handling up in the foothill twisties is just as wonderful as it was pre-surgery. If ever there was a justification for the high cost of “real” lowering, that’s it. Purr.

Partway up the hill I found myself being tailgated by another rider…one of those uberfast sportsbikers that just comes out of nowhere and parks in your blind spot. As soon as the road straightened out, I pulled to the side, slowed down, and waved him past.

When Peter and I parked at Alice’s, a familiar face came up and slapped me on the back — Dave! Wow, I hadn’t seen him in over a year. Naturally, being the single fastest human I’ve ever ridden with in my life, that was him that came up behind me on my way up the hill. *laughs* He recognized my blue ponytail but since he had a different bike than the last time we’d ridden together, I didn’t recognize him at all. So of course I gave him some good-natured ribbing about tailgating, but really, it was just really nice to see him again.

Good lord, I just went through my photos to find one of Dave and realized that I’ve been riding with Dave and Paul off and on for almost five years now. My first photo from riding with them was from April 2001. Christ, we’re old.

Dave, Paul, Carla, July 2001:


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