The more things change…

Bobby and Cristen came over tonight and exchanged US dollars for one 2001 Suzuki SV650S.

I’d been contemplating selling the SVS for a while — pretty much ever since I realized there was no way I could afford the Z without doing so, but I most likely wouldn’t have sold it to anyone other than these two. Sport-tourers of the highest degree, Bobby and Cristen have been known to ride hours just to get to monthly dinners. Bobby’s ridden all over the US, and with Cristen, is headed towards Alaska this summer.

The SVS will be Cristen’s — she’s a new rider and is looking for a shortie-friendly bike that’s fun for both day trips and possibly touring. Sound familiar?

So there’s a big bike-sized empty spot in the garage now. I admit to shedding a tear when they left tonight, taking with them not only the SVS, but the extra parts, the oil filter and sparkplugs I hadn’t yet installed, the maintenance notebook, the service manual. I have literally bled on that service manual.

I’ll bet most of my readers have only known my SVS. Can you believe this journal is almost six years old? A year older than the SVS, in fact. Six years of journalling, five years of the SVS.

Tomorrow starts a new chapter, the Z chapter.

I went in for some dental work this morning (the first of three appointments, joy), and my jaw has been in so much pain that there was no way I could wear a helmet to pick up the bike this afternoon.

So, for tonight, I’m streetbike-less.

Tomorrow, I’ll be a sport-tourer again. I’ll have another bike to learn every inch of, every trick about, every little nook and cranny and nuance.

But right now, there’s an SVS-shaped hole in the garage.

The sport-tourer is gone; long live the sport-tourer!

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