Let the farkling begin!

This hobby is a sickness. I haven’t even picked the bike up from the dealer yet and already I’m ordering crap for it online. Someone needs to take away my credit cards.

SW Motech Alu-rack top rack:

I’ve never ridden with a top case before, but after chatting a bunch with Yosh — who loves hers — I thought I’d give it a whirl. I can use one of my Givi bags (E360 Monokey) and just leave it on for commuting.

My only concern is that I’ll be too short to reach into the bag when it’s on the top case. Maybe I should carry around a folding stool in the case…

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  1. Jeffrey Peterson says:

    I’m in the process of “adjusting” a universal givi monorack to fit on my Ninja250. The bag I have left from when I got the monorack is going on it, an E52. That will look really big on that bike. It looks big enough on the VFR.

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