I’m a bad XT mommy.

I realized with horror last night that the last time I’d ridden the XT was at the Wind Dancers Pacific Rally, back in September. Woops!

The XT was blocked in the garage by a couple of streetbikes, so we got those moved out of the way and I got all geared up….only to find, naturally, that the battery was completely dead. Sigh. So onto the charger it went.

The XT is still covered in Yosemite dirt, too. I’m torn between wanting to clean it so that the mud/dirt doesn’t corrode anything and wanting to keep it nice and dirty. It’s such a pretty bike when it’s dirty. Maybe the solution here is to wash it after trips, but do more frequent trips so that, statistically, it’s dirty just as often. Hrm.

A guy on the XT225 message board just posted some gorgeous pictures of his recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park, so now of course I want to go. I’m not sure I have Peter convinced of 2 500-mile days in the truck to ride the dualies around, but I’ll keep whispering subliminal messages into his ear at night.

I think our Barbie Dream House will definitely have to have enough land for our own mini OHV park. It’s just too easy to let the poor XT sit in the back of the garage and not take the time to load it into the truck for all-day dirt trips. It doesn’t help that Peter mostly wants to take the bikes to Metcalf and I prefer dirt/gravel roads. Metcalf is fun and all, but I really do prefer exploring new places and being able to stop for photos.

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