Monthly Archives: December 2004

Early Christmas present

Columbus’s early Christmas present this year is a whole lot of no electricity. Unfortunately, it’s 20F out and the heater is electric. So it’s a bit chilly chez Peter’s parent’s house. I came out for breakfast and Peter handed me … Continue reading

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Can’t take me anywhere

See? I’m still working out here in Ohio! 😉 There is no earthly excuse for pink 1-lb dumbbells.

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Whew, salvaged day

Well, I wasn’t able to ride at all, but at least I got some work done on the Bandit. I took the front wheel off and installed the new speedometer cable I bought off eBay; naturally, the bike wouldn’t start … Continue reading

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Insert frustrated noise here.

It is Saturday morning. It is 55 degrees out. There isn’t a cloud in the sunny, bright blue sky. I have nothing to do until 5pm tonight. I am in excrutiating pain from having dental work done on Thursday, and … Continue reading

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Personal Trainer class

OK, I promise this isn’t turning into a Fitness journal. 😉 Since I’ve been talking a lot about lifting and routines lately, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is. I’ve signed up for the first two classes … Continue reading

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