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Ow, dammit

While climbing onto the weight machine last night to do lat pulldowns, I managed to bang my knee on the leg press. Naturally, the bruise is RIGHT where my armored pants press into my leg while on the motorcycle. Sigh. … Continue reading

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Stoopid hips

Ugh, it was one of those weekends where drinking lots of beer and hanging out with friends took precedence over working out and drinking water…which is all kinds of good, until one gets onto one’s motorcycle on Monday morning and … Continue reading

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Now this is Christmas cheer.

This is why I live in the Bay Area. Boooooya!

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So simple, but yet, so easily overlooked

I finally dragged my ass out to the garage today to clean and lube the chain. Only, oh, about 200 miles overdue — which, believe you me, is punctual. There’s something about doing the chain — probably something like being … Continue reading

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Weekend ride with Deb

Deb and I went riding last weekend, which was fun as it was our first ride together. She’d been up to Alice’s and environs on her Buell, but not yet on the YZF, so we decided to head on up … Continue reading

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