Early Christmas present

Columbus’s early Christmas present this year is a whole lot of no electricity. Unfortunately, it’s 20F out and the heater is electric. So it’s a bit chilly chez Peter’s parent’s house.

I came out for breakfast and Peter handed me a wrapped present — “you can open this one early!”, he said.

Turned out to be a pair of fuzzy warm (and blue!) Aerostich motorcycle slippers! Woo!

So now my toesies are warm and I can make vroom vroom noises. Hooray!


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4 Responses to Early Christmas present

  1. Linda says:

    OK – those are just awesomely silly. 🙂 Well done Peter!
    I’m getting a new motorcycle for Christmas…probably not under the tree, but…

  2. Carie says:

    Where did Peter get those slippers? Got to have some.

  3. jaspreet says:

    hey….. too smoky to see that but seems to be cool
    Well im an indian amateur biker,,,,, wanted some info on how to get a ridng gera for my self
    can u help

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