Another rainy day in Cambria

Another rainy day in Cambria

Dinner last night was wonderful — it stopped raining long enough to
walk to Lombardi’s italian restaurant, where we chowed down on rigatoni
and ravioli and chocolate mousse cake (oh, and a bottle of wine).

At some point, we decided to try to come up with the Seven Wonders of
the World, and failed miserably. Eventually, the people at the next
table overheard us and tried to think of more, too, but even between the
four of us, we could only remember 3 or 4. It will be a happy day when
my hiptop reconnects and I can look them up.

After dinner, we wandered around and ended up in a great conversation
with Patrick, who runs a bookstore down the street from Lombardi’s. He
gave us some maps and told us about some great-sounding hikes in the
area. Apparently, there’s a huge ranch right in the middle of Cambria,
where the city bought a bunch of land and is refusing to develop on it.
It looks like a great place to hike if it weren’t, y’know, raining.

This morning is gray again, and it rained overnight, but no rain now.
I’m still amazed that on Thursday, thought it’d be sunny all
weekend but now it appears this is the only storm front in California.
Ah well — another motorcycle trip adventure. 🙂

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