Walk Away the Pounds

I’m working at home today, and needed something to get my ass up off the couch — I should get my desk set up at home, as it’s just too easy to flop on the couch with my laptop and then not move for hours at a time. Good for the code; bad for the body.

Last time I was at Target, I picked up Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds 2-Pack. I’d heard decent things about it, and it was on sale, so there ya go.

The first DVD includes a 1-mile and 2-mile walk; the second DVD has a 3-mile walk. Judging from the times on the DVD, each mile takes about 15 minutes.

At any rate, I did the 2-mile workout, and was suitably impressed. It’s a pretty good intermediate workout — increasing the range of motion and using 5-lb dumbbells (they recommend 2-lb) got my heart rate up pretty nicely. Next time I may try the 1-mile walk with 8-lb dumbbells (or the 3-mile walk with the 5’s).

I wouldn’t really say that it’s a complete upper body workout, but using the dumbbells while walking is a nice addition. It was enough of a teaser that I got out the 8-lb weights after doing the walk and did a few more dumbbell lifts. That made me happier.

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