Bikes near work

Andrea and I walk to lunch nearly every day, and lately there’s been an
influx of new (to the area) bikes along our route.

I’ve been enjoying drooling over the ’86 Yamaha Radian (the red one) —
the Nighthawk has left me with a soft spot for those mid-80s standards.
🙂 It’s for sale, too….anyone in the area looking for 600cc

The blue Gixxer is cute, too — lots of stickers and has obviously been
well-loved. I get such a kick out of the dual round headlights — I
think it’s much neater-looking than the current Gixxer’s single
diamond-shaped headlight.

Aesthetically, I’m still stuck in the 80s, huh. That’s vaguely
frightening. 🙂photo_425.jpg

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