Lytton, BC

Lytton’s big claim to fame is that two big rivers meet there (the Fraser
and the Thompson).

We stopped for gas, where Steph explained the nuances of the metric
system to an old man in an RV who managed to not understand a) liters,
b) Canadian dollars, c) currency exchange, or d) kilometers. I’m not
sure how he got as far as Lytton.

A cute couple in a truck asked me about our trip. They looked to be
around my age, with dyed hair and piercings. It amused me greatly that
they had Canadian accents (“have fun oot and aboot!”).

This picture was taken in a park near the city center. The sun came
out, the temperature rose about 10 degrees (~65 F), and all was good in
the world.photo_209.jpg

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