Yay cheap fix!

After another commute with spongy brakes yesterday morning, i spent a
few seconds poking around at the brake line.

When I replaced the handlebars way back in September 2001, I put in a
stainless steel brake line from the reservoir down to the junction. The
line we got was slightly too long, so it wraps around the righthand

Anyway, back to yesterday morning. I thought maybe the line was kinked
or something, so I was playing with it a little…and when I took my
hand away, there was fluid on my fingertips.

I wasn’t too worried at first; I figured some had dripped onto the line
when I removed/replaced the reservoir cap to bleed the brakes (brake
fluid doesn’t evaporate). I filed it away under “check later.”

So, last night I decided to investigate further. I wiped down the line,
pumped the brakes a few times, and…..the fluid was back. Eureka!

Fifteen seconds later, I discovered that the locknut holding the brake
line to the banjo bolt was loose and, therefore, leaking.

Fifteen seconds after that, I had a 12mm open-ended wrench and a
tightened locknut.

This morning, my brakes were back to normal. Woo! I love easy, free,
fixes to problems. 🙂

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