Lock up your daughters!

Peter got back on his Superhawk yesterday — his first time on a motorcycle since his snowboarding accident in early February. Woo!

Granted, it was just a quick jaunt around the block, but every little bit is better than nothing. He said that he definitely wasn’t ready to do a half-day trip or anything yet, but at least the riding posture didn’t hurt him immediately. In fact, he said the bumps and potholes were worse than the bent-over posture.

Speaking of bumps and potholes, I printed out the Race-Tech spring rate calculations for both the Superhawk and the SVS this morning. I was pretty surprised to see that the Superhawk’s stock spring rate is .585 kg/mm — even sproingier than the SVS’s .706 kg/mm stock spring rate. According to their little calculator, the Superhawk’s recommended spring rate for someone Peter’s weight is .872 kg/mm. There’s one more project added to the list….

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