Well, I’ve found the next part to go gently into that good night: the fork innards.

It’s mainly the righthand fork seal: it’s completely blown. There’s gunk all over the poor fork. I keep wiping it off, and it keeps gunking back up.

The fun by-product of this is that, since I’m wiping my fork oil away daily, the forks are no longer full of said fork oil. Yes, I am finally experiencing The SV Fork Dive ™.

Now, before all of you SV owners fall to the ground in mock disbelief, let me just point out that I weigh 115 pounds sopping wet. I am, very probably, the only human on earth who did not need to change the front suspension on her SV650.

But that hour is fast approaching. It’s very disconcerting — as I’m sure you all already know — to lightly squeeze the front brake at night and see the light from the headlights bobbing up and down like one of those creepy dashboard figurines.

So now I begin the process of calling every dealer in town to see if anyone, ha ha, stocks fork seals. I already have 10-weight fork oil (even though the stock 5wt worked OK for me, I’m still going to switch to 10wt). I’ll bet you can all guess what Saturday’s activity will be!

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