Good influences

I have a few good motorcycling friends that I used to ride with who have moved away.  Coincidentally, two of them were visiting the Bay Area this past week, so there was much motorcycle/Kira socializing.

I used to go riding with Paul and Dave up on “the hill” (Highway 9, Skyline, Alice’s, down to Pescadero, etc) at least once a month.  I was bummed when Paul and his family moved to Florida a few years ago, though I did stay with them on my cross country trip in 2008.

Here we are posing with Dave’s Honda 929/954 frankenbike. 🙂

My Women on Wheels friend Jodie was also in town this week.  Even though she and her husband moved to Phoenix, she comes back and helps to run the annual Cal24 rally.  I stayed with Jodie, too, on the ’08 cross-country ride and we did some puttering around her desert jaunts.

Kira approves of Jodie’s Virago!

Even though I’m not riding much myself these days, it was great to catch up with good friends from my motorcycling past.  Here’s hoping I’m on the road with them again before too long!

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