Let the high mileage begin!

I am pleased to give you….a ride report!

Well, OK, don’t get excited.  It was five miles into town and back.  But it was still riding.

See? I am all geared up and my visor is open, proving that this is an “I’m about to ride” photo as opposed to an “I’m doing another MidgetStig photoshoot” photo.

My fascinating destination for the day was the hair salon to get my hair trimmed.  I hadn’t had a haircut since October and I was starting to look like the bus driver on South Park.

Actually, I’m not sure the haircut really changed that resemblance.

Behold the fascinating Wells Fargo parking lot!  More specifically, behold that my bike is not in my garage!

While I was gearing back up after the hair cut, a nice elderly gentleman came over to talk to me.  “I haven’t been on a bike in 30 years!” he said.  When I told him, “you’re due!” he agreed and said “overdue!”  He teased me about riding a motorcycle within the same city I live in, so I had to name drop and say that, well, I did ride a different bike to Alaska once.  That made him very happy and he told me to “keep having fun, safely!”  Will do, buddy!

I had a long stretch of riding next — about 4 blocks to the CVS.

I always enjoy going into stores in full riding gear.  The Teiz suit doesn’t get quite as many weird looks as the full Helimot leathers did, but it’s still entertaining.

Aside from, y’know, riding at all, the most interesting part about the journey was my utter neglect to check the tire pressures before taking off.    I knew the front got wobbly, but not that wobbly…yeah, it turned out both tires were at about 20psi. That was remedied as soon as I got home; I wonder what else I’ve forgotten about over the past six months.  I did triple check that the bike actually had gas and the battery was charged. 😉

So, my mileage total for 2012 is now a whopping 5!  I’m hoping to do some actual rides within the next couple of weeks, but of course that depends on getting a babysitter and all that fun stuff now.  Kira still fits in the Givi bag, but I’m told the authorities may frown upon that.  *scratches head*

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