Happy summer!

Happy beginning of summer, everyone!  I’m so excited for this summer that words can’t say.   Not only are there exciting adventures to be had with the blueberry, but there are camping adventures! And motorcycle adventures!  Obviously I’m not taking off for multi-week trips or anything, but I’m more optimistic about my riding opportunities than I have been in years.

Yesterday was a very good motorcycling start to the summer for me.  My riding day began with an exciting ride to the dentist…hey, I get my riding where I can. 🙂  The Ninjette is riding much better now that I have actually inflated the tires and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip into town.

This made me very glad that the Teiz suit has nice ventilation.  Welcome, summer!

Upon arriving back home from the dentist (no new cavities, but I do need a filling replaced and a root canal redone — did you know that you can get an abscess on a tooth that’s already had a root canal?  I didn’t either! Behold the excitement that is my life.), I realized that I needed a photo of the blue bikes.

I think I mentioned that our friend Ram has been keeping his SV650S in our garage while he does silly things like live in Columbus, Ohio.

I actually worked on his bike a little bit a couple of weeks ago…OK, it was just an oil change and making sure everything ran, but it was the most extensive bike maintenance I’d done in three years, so it still counts.

It’s funny to have an SVS in the garage again.  Obviously I haven’t ridden it but I have sat on it a few times and I’ve pushed it around and….OK, honestly, you guys, I don’t know how I ever rode one of these.   It’s so top heavy and, well, just overall heavy!  I know that I’m totally atrophied from years of the back injury + pregnancy, and maybe now I’m spoiled with the lightness of the Ninjette, but seriously.  I can’t imagine riding this bike around the block now, much less to Alaska.  Weird.

Contemplating the SVS has made me appreciate the Ninjette all the more.  Sure, there are definitely things that aren’t perfect about it (the very buzzy engine, for one…though the SVS is an ergonomic nightmare it’s still my favorite engine) but unless something goes horribly wrong, I don’t anticipate winding up in physical therapy because of the Ninjette.  I must have gotten old that this is suddenly my primary criteria for a motorcycle.

OK, I started out this entry talking about summer and somehow I derailed myself.  Back on track!

The other motorcycle-related thing I did yesterday was…drum roll…ride to Alice’s!  It was the annual Bay Area Sport-Touring.net dinner up in the hills — we have a dinner together every month, but we only venture up to Alice’s every June.  🙂

I hadn’t been to Alice’s (nor on 84 in general) since Peter’s accident last summer.  It’s just not a relaxing area for me to ride anymore, even on a weekday evening.   But I still enjoyed the ride up there.  I was rusty on the trip to dinner; no close calls or anything but I just didn’t feel like I was really connecting with the bike very well.

Maybe I was just hungry, though, as post-cheeseburger and a large water, the ride home was much better.  I was even slower than normal (which I think technically had me riding backwards through time) but I felt relatively smooth.

OK, that’s about all the motorcycling updates I have for now.  🙂  Nothing super exciting but at least I’m getting out there!


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