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Way Back Machine: Superhawk

Someone on the Ninjette forum was asking for peoples’ opinions on the Honda Superhawk the other day and, since we happen to own one, I posted some of our thoughts on it. It had been a while since I’d reminisced … Continue reading

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Way Back Machine: Elephant Seals

“Self,” thought I earlier this week, “what could I possibly do to make my life more inconvenient?”.  Setting myself on fire seemed too smelly; falling into a bottomless pit was impractical.  And so I decided to go into pre-term labor. … Continue reading

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Maternity photos

There are some horrifying maternity photos out there on the internets, kids.  Luckily I have goofy friends who are willing to put up with my idiosyncrasies (read: obsession with props) and thus my maternity photos are made of awesome. Photos … Continue reading

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Cross-stitching motorcycles

It’s a pretty normal thing to do a little cross-stitch for a new baby, right, with little pictures and the baby’s name and birthday? Well, I finished the outer part of blueberry’s stitching last night! I think it’ll be perfect … Continue reading

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Way Back Machine: Rainbows

I was driving home from work in the pouring rain on Monday when I noticed a huge rainbow over to the side.  Around the same time I saw it, a lone motorcyclist passed me.  He was dressed in touring-style rain … Continue reading

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