Way Back Machine: Superhawk

Someone on the Ninjette forum was asking for peoples’ opinions on the Honda Superhawk the other day and, since we happen to own one, I posted some of our thoughts on it.

It had been a while since I’d reminisced about the Superhawk, to be honest; it hasn’t really run properly in a few years and Peter fits so much better on the V-Strom that that’s become his go-to bike.  While thinking about it for the post, it occurred to me that Peter has owned the Superhawk for very nearly 10 years now and that we really do have many fond memories of it.

So, in honor of its upcoming 10-year-anniversary in our garage, here are some pictures of the Superhawk.

My very first picture of Peter and the Superhawk, in June 2002, soon after I bought it from our friend Dan:

Our first day trip with the Superhawk,  July 2002 (ride report here).  You can see why I started buying childrens’ sized helmets.

Death Valley, February 2005 (ride report here).  The Superhawk and SVS really did make a gorgeous pair, didn’t they?

Chimney Rock Road, on our Paso Robles trip, May 2005:

Peter’s first time crossing state lines, on the Sport-Touring.net ride to Alturas in October 2005:

Our week-long desert trip in September 2006 (ride report here) resulted in many great photos and memories:

Our wedding in June 2007 also featured our good friends prominently…


The ride to Rick Mayer for a custom seat for the Superhawk in September 2007 (ride report here) was the beginning of the mechanical problems that would ultimately result in the bike being parked most of the time. 🙁

And sadly, that’s where we must leave our friend the Superhawk.  It never really ran right after that trip in 2007 and we never got around to fixing it.  Peter got the DRZ, and then the V-Strom, and the poor Superhawk has been pretty neglected.  Maybe I’ll get it fixed up for him so that he can ride it again after the baby is born.  I’m sure I could bribe one of my mechanic friends to come over and mess with the electrics… 🙂


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