Being dragged into the Century of the Fruitbat

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night due to a sore throat/cough; what better thing to do while in a state of sleep deprivation than mess with one’s already precariously-balanced online presence?

So I created a Facebook page specifically for this blog; the intent there is that anyone can “like” the Facebook page and get my oh-so-terribly-interesting blog updates without my having to add that person to my personal page.

I think this link should work:

Or, of course, you can search for “bluepoof” right on Facebook.

For the four of you whom I know “in real life” as well as through the magic of the interwebs, what’s your opinion on having blog entry status updates on my personal page as well as on the page?  If I have “Carolyn has a new blog entry!” status updates go to both my personal and the blog pages — like you’ll see when I post this, hopefully — will that be redundant and horribly irritating?

I’ll probably try a few things (both intentionally and unintentionally as I often have little wars with Wordbooker, the plugin which publishes my blog posts to Facebook) and you’ll just have to let me know if you start getting annoyed. 🙂

OK, hitting “publish” on this now to see if it posts where I expect it to.   Oh internet, you are so full of adventure!

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