Ride to The Little Store

This weekend’s ride was a 17-mile round-trip to The Little Store, a small restaurant in Woodside on Highway 84.

Vroom vroom goes Peter on his V-Strom!

The Little Store is a great restaurant with nice food.  It’s usually not very crowded and generally has amusing Woodside residents whose conversations are entertaining to overhear (frequent topics include remodeling their guest stables, divorce lawyers, and generally the trials and tribulations of being a trophy wife).  But, like I said, the food is really good.

They also have nummy root beer floats.

There’s a bit of a size disparity between our bikes, no?  Good thing I don’t have a size complex.

Peter took some pics of me in the parking lot for me to give to my personal trainer, Melinda.  She wants to see where my pressure points are when riding, where the stress is, my general posture, etc.

This one cracks me up because I look very serious.

As revenge, I took this one of Peter, though he manages to look adorable. 😉

The ride home was uneventful.   We took Cañada Road, which parallels the interstate…even though I-280 is gorgeous, wouldn’t you rather be on this side road?

So, 17 more miles down, bringing my grand total to 189 for the calendar year.

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