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Ow. Ow ow, crap. Ow.

It appears that 80 miles was not, in fact, the world’s best idea. This is unfortunately an understatement as I’m almost completely unable to walk tonight.  Today has been full of ibuprofen, stretching, tennis ball massage at work, a professional … Continue reading

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Guest hosting “The Pace” podcast

A couple of my buddies run The Pace podcast and they invited Colleen, Dawn, and I to be its guest hosts for a “women’s take on motorcycling” show last Friday. I’ve never participated in a podcast before and it was … Continue reading

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Ride to Half Moon Bay

My original intent was just to hop over the hill for lunch and back.  Unfortunately I cannot be trusted when left alone and my short lunch ride wound up being 80 miles. Yep, you read that right — 80 miles! … Continue reading

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More on the seat rack

Here are the previously promised photos of Mike’s homemade seat rack.

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Hooray for luggage!

When my buddy Mike sold me the Ninja, he also gave me a second seat that he’d modified to include a nifty seat rack.  It’s built right into the seat and was made to hold a JC Whitney tail bag. … Continue reading

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