Ow. Ow ow, crap. Ow.

It appears that 80 miles was not, in fact, the world’s best idea.

This is unfortunately an understatement as I’m almost completely unable to walk tonight.  Today has been full of ibuprofen, stretching, tennis ball massage at work, a professional massage after work, icepacks, wine (works better than Vicodin), and sitting in my Zero Gravity chair…and still it hurts too badly to sit up, much less walk around.

Well, shit.

I can tell my pelvis is tilted; the left hipbone is higher than the right and the whole pelvis is rotated to my right.  I have a slight limp when I walk and am hunched forward a very small amount; hopefully that won’t get worse tomorrow.

My SI joints are freakin’ killing me and all the muscles between S1 up through about L2 are burning and tight when not outright spasming.

I see my chiropractor tomorrow; hopefully she can get the pelvis straightened out (literally) and maybe that’ll help the back, too.

Peter is telling me not to get too down on myself; that the lesson to learn here is to stick to my plans and not push TOO much.  I think the hardest thing about this injury for me is that when I flare up for whatever reason, I get in my own head and I think “it’s never going to get better”, despite having had numerous flare ups in the past that, of course, have resolved.

All in all, it was a really bad day to get a travel brochure from the governments of British Columbia, the Yukon, Alberta, and Alaska, telling me how wonderful it is to “drive North to Alaska through Western Canada!”  Very frustrating.  🙁

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