Holiday Tournament A3 vs A4: 1-0

It's time for the annual Ice Oasis Holiday Tournament! 

There are only two days of games this year, instead of the usual three,
so we have two games a day this weekend. 

We just played the first game and we won in a shootout, 1-0. As you can
probably gather from 60 scoreless minutes, both of our teams were pretty
heavy on the defensive skill. 😉

I played center with Peter on left wing and Neil on right. We had a
good time and I don't think I was the worst person to ever play center
in the history of Ice Oasis. I had a couple of shots on goal that would
have been great had there been no one playing D (or, for that matter,
goalie). But the shots were at least on net and not five feet wide or

I think I was doing well because I could hear Susan yelling "wa wa wa wa
Carolyn wa wa!" from the bench. I have no idea what she was actually
saying, but when I came back to the bench, she never smacked me with her
stick or anything, so I assume she was yelling encouraging things. 

I think we had seven shooters go out for the shootout before someone
finally got a goal to win the game. I shot 5th and was blocked by the
goalie, but I didn't lose the puck off my stick or fall down, so I
wasn't the most theatrical of our shooters. ;) 

Our next game is at 5:15pm today.
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