Holiday Tournament A3 vs A1: 4-2

We remain victorious in the 2008 Holiday Tournament!

We actually got a few goals in this game, which was very exciting.  We were starting to worry that we'd get to the championship without ever actually scoring a goal in regulation.

Raf is our goalie for the tournament and we allowed him the two goals against since he broke his finger in the warm-up before the game.  Apparently he blocked a practice shot from Jordan with the not-padded part of his glove and that was that.  He taped up the glove with stick tape and was ready to go for the game.  

I played center again and did pretty much nothing useful.  Well, I guess I had a couple of good pokes in the defensive zone and, again, I had some decent shots on goal, but nothing that didn't go straight to Jason's pads.  Boo.

Tomorrow we play Team Filson at 4pm and then the championship game at 7:45pm (likely against Team Filson once again).

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