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Spleen stats

I’m pretty sure these are my accurate stats for the season: Team: Melancholy Spleen (R4) Player: Carolyn Bierman Number: 94 Games Played: 13 Points: 7 Goals: 6 Assists: 1 Penalties in minutes: 0 Woot! Definitely my highest points season ever … Continue reading

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Camping Touring Beemer pics

In the same vein as the packing list post, I’ve been puttering around for the last few days, making sure all the stuff I listed out actually fits in my bags and on the bike. 😉 True, I’m not leaving … Continue reading

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Trip packing list!

In a vain attempt to draw attention back away from the whole Motorcyclist debacle, here’s my current trip packing list for the summer fun. This is a compilation of years of touring as well as day riding. I use specific … Continue reading

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Last Game Spleens vs No Clue: 2-2

Tonight was our last game as the Spleens. It’s been a good season; I’ve learned a lot and have really enjoyed playing center. Too tired to post more about the season now, but I wanted to commemorate the awesome Spleen … Continue reading

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Motorcyclist: coincidence or rip-off?

It appears that I’m in the April 2008 issue of Motorcyclist magazine; that’s me at the Chandelier Tree on their “Last Page” article. Which would be really cool…..if I’d submitted the photo. I didn’t. I contacted Motorcyclist to ask who … Continue reading

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