Trip packing list!

In a vain attempt to draw attention back away from the whole Motorcyclist debacle, here’s my current trip packing list for the summer fun.

This is a compilation of years of touring as well as day riding. I use specific brand names where I’ve consciously chosen that particular product — usually that means I’ve done trips with it before and I would recommend it to anyone doing motorcycle touring.

Let me know if you have a “must have” that isn’t on the list. 🙂

Camping Gear (In a 30 L Seal Line Baja dry bag)

Clothing (in a Moto-Sport Baja pannier)

Entertainment (in a Moto-Sport Baja pannier)

Misc that I want easily accessible (in a Givi E360 delux tailbag)

Misc that’s always on the bike (stored in on-bike storage)

Tankbag (Wolfman Denali)

Toiletries (toiletry bag in a Moto-Sport Baja pannier)

Tool Tube (homemade)

  • 1 oz bottle of RuGlude
  • bulbs (extra)
  • cable ties
  • chain master link clip

  • folding hex keys
  • folding torx keys
  • fuses (extra)
  • Motion Pro 3/8″ Drive Adapter For Combo Lever
  • Rescue tape
  • screwdriver (13-in-1)
  • sockets (5-14mm)
  • socket adapter (3/8″ to 1/4″)
  • socket extension (for 1/4″ drive)
  • tire patch/plug kit
  • vice grip pliers (small)
  • vinyl gloves
  • wire

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