Trip packing list!

In a vain attempt to draw attention back away from the whole Motorcyclist debacle, here’s my current trip packing list for the summer fun.

This is a compilation of years of touring as well as day riding. I use specific brand names where I’ve consciously chosen that particular product — usually that means I’ve done trips with it before and I would recommend it to anyone doing motorcycle touring.

Let me know if you have a “must have” that isn’t on the list. 🙂

Camping Gear (In a 30 L Seal Line Baja dry bag)

Clothing (in a Moto-Sport Baja pannier)

Entertainment (in a Moto-Sport Baja pannier)

Misc that I want easily accessible (in a Givi E360 delux tailbag)

Misc that’s always on the bike (stored in on-bike storage)

Tankbag (Wolfman Denali)

Toiletries (toiletry bag in a Moto-Sport Baja pannier)

Tool Tube (homemade)

  • 1 oz bottle of RuGlude
  • bulbs (extra)
  • cable ties
  • chain master link clip

  • folding hex keys
  • folding torx keys
  • fuses (extra)
  • Motion Pro 3/8″ Drive Adapter For Combo Lever
  • Rescue tape
  • screwdriver (13-in-1)
  • sockets (5-14mm)
  • socket adapter (3/8″ to 1/4″)
  • socket extension (for 1/4″ drive)
  • tire patch/plug kit
  • vice grip pliers (small)
  • vinyl gloves
  • wire

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17 Responses to Trip packing list!

  1. MotoMoto says:

    Your list is pretty complete. The only things I would add, are spare bulbs. Headlight & tail light at a minimum. You are not on Safari, but if a bulb blows after store hours, you’ll be glad to have them. I also like to have a light gauge cable lock, for temporarily securing items to the bike. Such as: jacket, helmet, anything that the cable might pass through. This way I don’t have to walk around with the jacket on mid-summer. If they want it, they have to rip it.

  2. carolyn says:

    Oh, good points. I actually do always have a cable and a padlock on the bike, but I forgot to list them. Editing now! Spare bulbs are also a good idea; add those too.

  3. Doug Faunt says:

    I’d add some way of finding out the weather and news – a radio that includes NOAA weather is the traditional way, but wireless internet access of some sort would do it too.
    And I like the small tin of Bag Balm, but anything for raw skin and chafing would be good.
    I use a small memory foam pillow that I cut in half.

  4. Kim says:

    Sounds like you’re ready to go!

  5. Durandal says:

    That’s quite a complete list. Many of the items you have I couldn’t dream of affording, such as the panniers and that cool cot. I’ve been looking for a cot for camping, and that one is certainly compact. For me though, I normally go camping with my Subaru being the vehicle that totes everything around, including my XT225 on the back, instead of having everything on the back of my XT225. 🙂 I could likely put stuff in the vehicle that my roomies take, but I’m too much of a wimp to take Billy Goat (My XT) on the freeway to get to our normal campsite. Maybe if I found backroads..

  6. Jamie says:

    I had to giggle when I saw “girl supplies”. Cute way to put it.
    Seriously, you forgot to list the SPOT satellite messenger! I assume, though, that you keep that in a pocket in case you get, um, separated from the bike.

  7. carolyn says:

    Good point, Jamie. I probably will mount the SPOT to the bike somehow, at least initially, so I’ll add it to “on bike storage”.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Hey, probably not a big deal for you what with BMW being so universal, but I carried a spare oil filter since at least one change needed to be made on the road and I couldn’t guarantee stock in BFE. If you have space to waste you might consider it.
    Ultimax sock rule.

  9. Steve Miller says:

    Tool suggestions:
    1) Some kind of hammer or mallet (takes up a lot of space I know), but it makes wheel removal and a hundred other things so much easier.
    2) Some kind of bead-breaking aid. C-clamp, maybe?

  10. Durandal says:

    Carolyn, I noticed that you have ear plugs on your list. Do you usually wear ear plugs or some other form of hearing protection while riding to protect your ears from road wind?

  11. Have you tried Aerostitches’ Wind triangle? I find it much more versatile than a balaclava, it’s easy on, easy off, I use it in the dead of winter and on a cool summer night when I don’t want the wind going down my coat.
    The other thing I discovered this summer is chap stick on a string! You wear it like a necklace, so you always know where it is. It does get a bit warm there in hot weather.
    Did I miss hair ties on your list? My daughter and I must have used a gross of them this summer! I keep a couple around my rear view mirror.

  12. Doug Faunt says:

    How about a day pack/shoulder bag for excursions away from the bike?

  13. One addition to your first aid kit perhaps: arnica. I got some arnica gel when I fell off last Nov (I’m pretty sure I broke a bit of my arm too, but never mind). It helped fantastically and very quickly with the bruising, swelling and pain.
    I’m not sure I’d bother carrying food–unless you plan not being anywhere near a store every day, you can usually pick up a can on your way in or even at the campground.
    And I’d like to suggest a titanium spork, because someone somewhere should have one. :: duck ::

  14. Steve T says:

    How about waterproof matches? Otherwise, your list looks great!

  15. carolyn says:

    Whew, ok, I got behind here. Lemme catch up!
    Steph: I think I’ll be OK with the spare oil filter because I’ll be doing the “halfway point” maintenance in Columbus. I know there are a bunch of bike shops there and one should have a filter.
    Steve: Bead breaker is a good idea. My usual trick is to find a good samaritan (normally Peter) to drive over the tire with their car or truck. 😉
    Durandal: I always wear either iPod headphones or custom earplugs. On trips it’s mostly just the earplugs. That’s actually a good topic for a separate blog entry.
    SheRides: The Aerostich wind triangles are all way too big for me, and I’ve so far been too lazy to get one and sew it down to size. The balaclava works for me because my nose gets cold too 😉 Hair ties are a great idea — I didn’t include them because I just chopped off all my hair!
    Doug: My tankbag has a shoulder strap, so normally I just use that.
    Linda: Arnica’s a good idea. I’m not sure if my first aid kit already has some; if not, I’ll add some. Food: I want to bring a couple of bags of backpacker food in case I’m nowhere near a lunch stop in particular. I’ve had Bad Times in the middle of nowhere at midday sometimes where my blood sugar gets wonky. The packets that you just add hot water to don’t take up much room so I figured I’d give it a go….oh, and my JetBoil does have a spork! Though admittedly plastic, not titanium. Happy early birthday, btw. 🙂
    Steve T: I figure the butane lighter is good enough; anyone know differently?

  16. Caroline says:

    My husband, daughter and I have been motorcycle camping for 10 years. We usually go for a week, occasionally 2 weeks. We don’t use cots, but we do take small folding chairs now that we are on three bikes. I would add to your list a small umbrella, towel, rope, clothes pins, thin table cloth, cards or other games, water bottles, health insurance cards and emergency information, cooking pot, folding cook stove, plastic bowls and plates, real coffee and a small single cup drip coffee filter, dish soap and sponge, baseball hats, warm knit hats for sleeping if it’s cold. We ride with communicators and always use earplugs on the bike and in the tent if we have noisy neighbors.

  17. car led says:

    I probably will mount the SPOT to the bike somehow, at least initially, so I’ll add it to “on bike storage”.

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