Camping Touring Beemer pics

In the same vein as the packing list post, I’ve been puttering around for the last few days, making sure all the stuff I listed out actually fits in my bags and on the bike. 😉

True, I’m not leaving until May, but my coworker Jean is taking me camping in a couple of weeks to make sure I’m comfortable with all the camping gear (the summer trip will be my first time camping solo).

Here’s all the camping gear; you can see that it easily fits in the 30L Seal Line bag. The only things missing from this photo that’s on the packing list are the paper towels and backpacker food.


The 30L Seal Line dry bag will hold all of that camping gear…or one Nin cat.


Here’s the bike “fully loaded” (in quotes as the saddlebags aren’t actually packed up, of course):


Is it time to go yet??


By the way, I’m keeping the packing list on the main website –> here <-- . The idea is to hopefully include my reasons for picking specific items, too, to help people who might be Googling to get ideas for their own trips.

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