Motorcyclist: coincidence or rip-off?

It appears that I’m in the April 2008 issue of Motorcyclist magazine; that’s me at the Chandelier Tree on their “Last Page” article.

Which would be really cool…..if I’d submitted the photo. I didn’t.

I contacted Motorcyclist to ask who DID send them the photo, because it looks identical to one of mine, taken on the 2003 Northern California Adventure ride.

Now, if someone else who was also on that ride — or someone totally different who just happened to be at the Tree at that time — snapped an almost identical photo to mine and then submitted it to Motorcyclist, I chalk it up to an amusing coincidence and enjoy my free publicity.

However, I certainly hope that Motorcyclist didn’t just publish a random photo they found online.

(Edit: I removed some content from this post pending hearing back from Motorcyclist.)

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