Reflective Tape

On our trip to and from Eureka, Dan told me that the reflective strip on my jacket was totally hidden behind my Givi bag and that I was close to invisible from the back. That’s not good!!

Fortunately, I had ordered some reflective tape sheets from

The bike before adding tape:


I added a 8″ x 5″ rectangle to the back of each saddlebag. With the extra little strip left on the 8″ x 11″ sheet, I added some reflection to the back of the Givi bag, too:


As you can see here, without light, the reflective tape is plain black. Stylish in the daytime, productive at night!


Here’s another shot of the bags without direct light. You can still see that there’s tape on them, of course, but the effect really is nice and black.


I’m loving the tape. I still have one more 8″ x 11″ sheet (for $17, you get two sheets), so I have to think of other ways to light up my Givi for commuting. I think I’ll also put some on the back of my helmet.

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