I hate mounting tires.

I’m now in hour 4 of mounting new tires to my XT225. I finally got the old tire off the rear and the new tire on and all back together and overinflated to set the bead and now the !@#$% tube is pinched or something and it won’t re-deflate. I want to die.

If beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy, mounting new tires is proof that something else hates us and wishes we would just go away already.

Gave up for the day and am now drinking beer and heating up a frozen pizza. Carbohydrates make everything better.

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  1. And for your next trip, try the tires for a 1400cc motorcycle. That’s *really* fun.
    Seriously, I feel your pain. I wish you better luck tomorrow.

  2. That reminds me of the night before my first (and only) motocross race. I was fourteen. The most exciting moment of my life was coming and I had a flat tire. I expected it to be as easy as changing a bicycle tire. Boy was I wrong. We loaded the YZ 80 into the back of my Mom’s hatchback and luckily got to Bettencourt Honda in East Bridgewater, MA in time to beg the mechanic to fix the tire on the spot.

  3. Steve Miller says:

    Dude, streetbike tires are a million times worse. I have a proven system, though, using little more than tire irons and cussing. But I refuse to do anything bigger than a 180 rear tire. Bikes shouldn’t have tires any bigger than that, IMO.

  4. Steve Miller says:

    Oh, free tip: leave the tires and wheels in front of the fireplace overnight.

  5. Gene Cash says:

    Man, after years of hassling with tires, and buying tire tools, I finally gave up. Life is too short for that crap.
    This is one place where something like nomartirechanger.com or a real tire machine can’t be beat, and I don’t have the money for either. I saw a demo of the No-Mar at the Honda Hoot, and that’s when I hung up my tire-changing jersey.
    The $50 at the dealership is worth it, but I make sure they mounted the tire the right direction, and I still balance them myself.

  6. Jennie says:

    Oh honey, that sounds like such a PITA. I support the idea of More Beer.

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