A trip overview

I have a few minutes between meetings now, and since my vacation form has been accepted by HR, I figured I could now “officially” talk some more about my ride this summer.

Disclaimer: I’m not going to mention specific dates ahead of time because I don’t want to broadcast to the Intardwebz exactly where I’m going to be and when. But if you’re one of the people I’m going to be visiting, I do have a more granular schedule and will get in touch via email.

So, the gist of the trip is to see some parts of the country that I’m woefully ignorant of and — perhaps more importantly — see a lot of friends that have scattered far and wide.

Most of the time I stay in hotels on trips, eating alone at diners and taking far more photos of the bike and the landscape than of any people. I intend to change that for this ride.

The trip is going to be broken up into three legs; I’ll chat for a second about each one.

Leg 1: Cupertino, CA to Key West, FL.


The destination point is simple: I’ve always wanted to take a photo of my bike with the “90 miles to Cuba” buoy in Key West. Also, as a die-hard Parrothead, I felt it was time to make the pilgramage.

On this leg, I’ll be staying with:
* Yvette, a friend from my fitness message board
* Jodie, a Wind Dancer who recently moved away from the Bay Area
* Monica, my best friend from junior high and high school
* Paul and Carla, my awesome friends who I’m still mad at for moving away from the Bay Area

I also plan on seeing Roswell, NM and New Orleans, LA, neither of which I’ve ever been to.

Leg 2: Key West, FL to Minocqua, WI


Peter will be flying to Key West and will do Leg 2 with me. Yay!

This destination point is also a no-brainer; my dad’s family has a cottage in Minocqua that I used to spend summers at as a kid. I’ll be meeting my mom up there and we’re going to scatter dad’s ashes at the lakefront. Yes, he died over 2 years ago…he’s always been late to everything, even after death. šŸ˜‰

On this leg, we’ll stay with:
* Diane, another fitness board friend
* Paula and Dan, Peter’s aunt and uncle
* Peter’s parents
* My mom at the cottage

I’m hoping to visit the Vanderbilt Estate on this leg, too.

Leg 2: Minocqua, WI to Cupertino, CA

Well, I guess I’ve got to get back to work someday.


This is the most fluid leg of them all; I don’t really have a set agenda yet. Peter will be flying home from Wisconsin, so I’ll be on my own again for this part.

So far, I know I’ll stay with:
* Rachelle, an awesome rock climber and fitness board buddy

I want to check out Missouri Breaks in Montana if there’s time, and make a personal stop in Rugby, ND.

And that’s about it. More about the trip preparation, of course, as the time draws nearer, but that’s pretty much the outline and rough idea.

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