Installing Moto-Sport Pannier Racks

Clicky clicky for my new write-up for installing Moto-Sport Pannier racks


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  1. indigoid says:

    You’re going to love them, I think! 🙂 I have the Bavarias on my Dakar, black. The racks do bend fairly easily (mine are quite bent on both sides), but this is much better than bending your BMW rear subframe.
    I think if I could go back and buy mine again I would buy them premounted. I mounted my own and it was a pain, and the lower half of each pannier mount (the shelf bit) looks like it would be much stronger if you let the factory mount them, as they use some of the same aircraft rivets that hold the pannier together.
    My bike has fallen on its Bavarias a few times now. One of those times was a lowside slide on gravel. They got a bit scratched but otherwise held up just fine. Seems like they can take quite a lot of abuse.

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