Bring it on, summer!

Because I may have finally met your match.

For the last three years, I have wrestled with the mesh jacket issue.

The first one I tried was the first one ANYONE tried, way back when we had like 2 options and one was Israeli, the Joe Rocket Phoenix.


Aside from never quite getting over the feeling like I was wearing a Kleenex as abrasion protection, the Phoenix didn’t really fit right and managed to make me look 6 months pregnant.

The next mesh jacket I tried was another Joe Rocket, the Reactor.


This is still a passable mesh jacket for me, but it didn’t come in women’s sizes and the men’s small was still too large. The sleeves are too long and I get some wicked linebacker shoulders.

Next up, I tried a Frank Thomas mesh jacket.


My biggest issue with this one is that the velcro on the wrists keeps catching on the mesh material. After wearing the jacket for just one full weekend, some of the sleeves were so pilled from the velcro that holes formed.

But now! I have learned that Tour Master now has a mesh version of my street jacket! And it is on sale at New Enough! So I’m giving it a whirl:

Cortech LRX Air Mesh Jacket

I’m optimistic. I really like the LRX street jacket; it fits great, has good protection, and layers well. If the mesh jacket has the same quality, I think my search for a summer mesh (read: dual sport) jacket is over!

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