Best hockey birthday evar.

Not only did the Sharks win a questionably deserved game against the Red Wings, but….I got the best hockey birthday present evar — a visit from Sharkie!!  

Thanks, sweetie!

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  1. Alan R says:

    That’s excellent. Good thing for you and Peter that the Sharks have made it this far in the playoffs. If they’d lost in round 1 Peter would have needed a “plan B”.
    Happy Birthday, and go Sharks!
    P.S. – I love the fact that they have a billboard for XDR DRAM. What other sporting venue would have such an ad? Go geeks!

  2. -april says:

    I looked up and saw your name in lights! It was so cool!

  3. Jerry says:

    WOW!! what a cool B-day! Have a wonderful week and many more B-days in the future.

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