Tahuya fun!

Tahuya fun!
There were many adventures this weekend, most of which were of course
photographed. 😉 Colleen took this pic of me after our stint at Tahuya
State Forest yesterday, and I forgot to post it then.

Tahuya is a 23,000 acre park with a massive network of Off-Road Vehicle
trails. We stayed off the single tracks and primarily did 4×4 roads,
which were still challenging for me due to the borrowed bike and my
general inexperience.

You’ll all just have to wait a few more hours for more stories and
photos, though, since I’m at the Seattle airport now and my camera’s in
my checked luggage. What good are stories about mudpuddles, ice,
stranded jeeps, fallen bikes, ferries, mechanical problems, beer, and
potluck dinners without photos?

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