Seattle: Friday

Most of Friday was taken up by work….blah blah demo blah lots of Starbucks lots of words words words. The demo went really well and our team got lots of props. It makes me really happy to be able to go back to designers and engineers and say “our partners loved what you’ve done”.

Anyway, after The Demo That Ruled Earth, my coworker very kindly offered to drive me over to Colleen’s workplace in the company rental car. He probably regretted having done so after we got lost four thousand times and I decided the most helpful thing I could possibly do was to get carsick from lack of food. Fortunately we eventually found Nikwax, and Colleen immediately shoved me into her VW bug and drove us to The George and Dragon Pub. Fish and chips and beer later, life was rosy.

Once back at Colleen’s, I posed with the amazing suitcase of holding.


Colleen decided that her VFR was taking up too much space in her one-car garage, given that she’s taken out its battery and drained its carbs for the winter. So we put a board up against her front steps and added some nice art to her living room.

Aren’t I helpful?


Shortly thereafter, Glen (VifferKLR on came over with the KLR that I was to borrow for the weekend. He’d put 3″ lowering links on it and raised the forks in the triple tree by about 2″. I could (barely) touch my toes down….success!


After Glen left, Colleen and I spent some time puttering over maps and comparing favorite route stories (“oh, I’ve been on that road in Alberta, too!”). And then we went to bed early to get ready for the next day’s riding!

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