Puck-a-holics vs Silver Balls: 3-0

Peter and I were on the waiting list for the Ice Oasis Holiday
Tournament this weekend, so we were pretty happy when the coordinator
called us last night with two open positions.

My team has bright orange jerseys, leading to locker room jokes about
CalTrans’ slogan to “slow for the cone zone!”. Officially, though,
we’re the Puck-a-holics, probably the least offensive team name of the
bunch. 😉

I played on a D line with our friend Eric, who’s a good player and
clearly a bit nervous about my ability to not utterly suck. I managed
to hold my own, though (well, obviously, since they never scored), and
by the end of the game, people were saying I was doing pretty well.

I really enjoy playing D. I think a lot of people at the beginner level
stick with D because they think you don’t have to skate as much or as
quickly, but I’m constantly wishing I could skate harder (remembering
that is what gets me through those hateful cardio sessions at the
gym….). I just legitimately love the position.

Our next game is tonight at 9:30, versus the Yellow Snow (I warned you
about those team names!). They just played in the game after ours,
against Peter’s team (Blue Balls), and won 2-1. They have some
aggressive people and were skating really hard in their first
game…hopefully they’ll be tired and a little slower when we face them
in an hour. 😉

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