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Cannot stop looking at F650GS photos. In particular, this F650GS photo: I was 85% sold on the idea of a wonderfully gorgeous 2007 red 650 thumper dualsport. And then I found a classified ad of a wonderfully gorgeous 2001 red … Continue reading

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Need an STN fix?

If you’re an STN’er reading this and are already twitching from that board’s downtime for maintenance, try West Coast Regional Sport Touring Forum in the meantime. Twist and BSD43 from STN set it up for us until STN can get … Continue reading

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Fall colors ride

With the new meds I’m on for my spine/nerve problems (Lyrica, for those following along at home), there’s no way I’m getting on a streetbike anytime soon. A lightweight dual-sport, now, though, that’s another story. 🙂 I felt pretty good … Continue reading

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Val’s Spiny Dogfish vs 5 Alarm Chilis: 3-2

Another awesome game by Val’s Spiny Dogfish last night. 🙂 I was worried that my yelling and cheering was annoying, but a couple of gals said they were glad I came. So, yay! It’s fun to watch because it gives … Continue reading

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